Why a Chain Guard is So Important on a Motorcycle

Why a Chain Guard is So Important on a Motorcycle

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We know Bike Chain Guard plays a important role to protect the chain, but exept for this reason, what other reasons are there? Now i will list 7 reasons below as follow:

1. Protect the Chain 

As we all known, in the entire mechanical structure of the motorcycle, the chain plays a very important part - power transmission, which is not inferior to engine, clutch...So the maintenance of the chain becomes very significant, using the chain guard can reduce the damage of the chain.



2. Keep the chain clean

The longer we ride motorcycle, the more the chain will degrade and more sand/pebbles will stick to the chain. Using chain guard can keep the dirt and foreign objects away from it, and keep it clean.


3. Protect your clothing

For people who ride motorcycle often, they often accidentally get oil on their clothes, which will leave large and small stains, and there will be a relatively strong oil smell on your clothes. Using chain cover can keep protect your clothing from oiling.


4.Keep the machine clean

As the 3 point out, chain lubricant will spray to all over the corner sometimes, in case of this, chain guard will have a great effect on protecting your machian.


5. Protect your feet

One of the main reasons why need chain guards is to protect bikers from injuries. It’s super common that a rider’s feet get stuck in the motorcycle chain while riding at high speed. To avoid this happen, a chain guard is very neccessary.


6. Help prevent damage to your bike

Chain snapping is a very common case we often meet. You may say it is harmless, but you know, a broken piece of chain can even make a hole in your motorcycle engine as well as breaking your bike fairings and tail, to a large extent, install a chain guard can protect your bike carefully and help you save money on buying other parts.


7. Customize your bike 

Sometimes some motorbike parts are enough to customize your motorbike, and a chain guard is one of them. Nicecnc chain guards come in different colors and shapes, which will stylish your motorcycle, making your bike more outstanding.


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