Knowing Something About ATV Yamaha Blaster 200 before Buying

Knowing Something About ATV Yamaha Blaster 200 before Buying

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About the Yamaha Blaster

Yamaha is an excellent company, which produce a sorts of high-quality motorcycles, today we will talk about one of the most popular ATV- Blaster 200.

Blaster 200 is a compact all-terrain vehicle with two-stroke engine that made it both nimble and lightweight. The most notable feature is the two-stroke engine is easy to modify and its parts were easy to replace. You can check our Blaster 200 parts here.

It's worth saying that the Yamaha Blaster 200 was discontinued in 2006 due to a number of factors. One of the main reasons was changing regulations around emissions, noise, and safety standards for all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). The Blaster's two-stroke engine did not comply with newer emissions standards, which made it increasingly difficult for Yamaha to sell the vehicle in certain markets.

Another factor was the changing market for ATVs. As more riders began to gravitate towards larger, more powerful machines, the Blaster's relatively small engine and lightweight design became less popular. Yamaha eventually decided to discontinue the Blaster in order to focus on other models that were more in line with the evolving needs of ATV riders.

However, it is still popular in the motorcycle market. Why?

1. Affordable price: The Blaster 200 is an affordable option for those who want a high-performance ATV without breaking the bank. It is priced about $2000 - $3000, which is competitively compared to other models in its class.

2. Easy to ride: The Blaster 200 is easy to ride, making it a popular choice for beginners and experienced riders alike. Its lightweight frame and responsive handling make it fun to ride on a variety of terrains.

3. Powerful engine: The Blaster 200 is equipped with a 195cc two-stroke engine that delivers plenty of power for off-road adventures. Its engine design makes it easy to maintain and provides quick acceleration.

4. Durable construction: The Blaster 200 is built to last with a sturdy frame and reliable components. It can handle rough terrain and withstand the elements, making it a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

5. Customizable: The Blaster 200 is highly customizable, allowing riders to personalize their ATV with a range of aftermarket parts and accessories. This has helped to maintain its popularity among the ATV community.

The Yamaha Blaster Specifications:


  • 195cc, air-cooled, two-stroke, single-cylinder engine
  • Compression ratio: 6.8:1
  • Bore x Stroke: 66.0mm x 57.0mm
  • Mikuni VM24SS carburetor
  • CDI ignition system
  • 6-speed transmission


  • Overall length: 71.7 inches
  • Overall width: 43.3 inches
  • Overall height: 42.5 inches
  • Seat height: 28.9 inches
  • Ground clearance: 4.3 inches
  • Wheelbase: 43.3 inches
  • Dry weight: 265 pounds


  • Front suspension: Independent double wishbone, 7.1 inches of travel
  • Rear suspension: Swingarm with monoshock, 6.3 inches of travel


  • Front brakes: Dual hydraulic disc brakes
  • Rear brakes: Hydraulic disc brake


  • Front tires: AT20 x 7-10, tubeless
  • Rear tires: AT19 x 8-8, tubeless

Fuel Capacity:2.6 gallons (including reserve)

Other features:

  • Electric starter
  • Headlight and taillight
  • Parking brake

Note: These specifications are based on the 2006 model year. Different years or variants may have slightly different specifications.

Blaster 200 VS Banshee 350

Both the Yamaha Blaster 200 and Banshee 350 are great ATVs, but they are quite different in terms of their performance, features, and intended use.

The Yamaha Blaster 200 is a smaller and lighter ATV with a 195cc two-stroke engine that produces about 20 horsepower. It is known for being easy to handle and maneuver, and it is often used for recreational riding and trail riding. The Blaster has a top speed of around 55-60 mph and is generally not suitable for more advanced or aggressive riding.

On the other hand, the Yamaha Banshee 350 is a larger and more powerful ATV with a 347cc two-stroke engine that produces around 40-45 horsepower. It is known for its high performance and speed, and it is often used for racing and more advanced riding. The Banshee has a top speed of around 75-80 mph and is capable of more aggressive riding and jumping.

In terms of which one is better, it really depends on your intended use and riding style. If you are looking for a smaller and more affordable ATV for recreational riding or trail riding, the Yamaha Blaster 200 could be a great choice. However, if you are looking for a larger and more powerful ATV for more advanced riding or racing, the Yamaha Banshee 350 might be a better fit.

It's always a good idea to do some research, consider your needs and preferences, and test ride both ATVs before making a decision. Ultimately, the best ATV for you is the one that fits your riding style and preferences the most.

Aspect Blaster 200 Banshee 350
Engine 195cc, two-stroke, single-cylinder 347cc, two-stroke, twin-cylinder
Power Output 20-22 horsepower 38-40 horsepower
Acceleration Quick acceleration Rocket-like acceleration
Top Speed 55-60 mph 75-80 mph


Modifiability and Customization

Both the Blaster 200 and the Banshee 350 have strong aftermarket support, making them highly customizable. Enthusiasts can modify these ATVs extensively, upgrading engines, suspension, exhaust systems, and aesthetics to suit their preferences. This modifiability is a significant draw for riders who enjoy tinkering and personalizing their machines.

Maintenance and Reliability

Blaster 200:

The Blaster 200 is known for its simplicity and ease of maintenance. Its smaller engine is relatively straightforward to work on, making it a good choice for DIY enthusiasts.
Reliability: When properly maintained, the Blaster 200 can provide years of reliable service.

Banshee 350:

The Banshee 350, while a powerhouse, can be more complex to maintain due to its twin-cylinder setup and larger engine.
Reliability: Like the Blaster, regular maintenance is crucial to ensure longevity, but it can offer exceptional performance when well cared for.



In the showdown between the Blaster 200 and the Banshee 350, it's clear that each ATV has its unique strengths. The Blaster 200 is a fantastic choice for beginners and riders who prioritize agility, while the Banshee 350 is a high-performance beast that appeals to adrenaline junkies and experienced riders.

Ultimately, the choice between these two legendary Yamaha ATVs comes down to individual preferences and riding style. Whether you prefer the nimble and affordable Blaster 200 or the raw power and speed of the Banshee 350, one thing is certain: Yamaha's legacy of producing exceptional all-terrain vehicles continues with these two iconic models. Whichever you choose, you'll be in for an exhilarating ride through the great outdoors.


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