Motorcycle Bags: The Ultimate Guide to Making the Right Choice

Motorcycle Bags: The Ultimate Guide to Making the Right Choice

So, you're gearing up for your next motorcycle adventure, and the one thing you don't want to overlook is the unsung hero of your journey – the motorcycle bag. These trusty companions play a crucial role in keeping your essentials safe and sound while you carve through the twists and turns of the open road. But before you dive headfirst into the world of motorcycle bags, let's explore the ten key things you should keep an eye out for to ensure you make the perfect choice.

10 things to look for in a motorcycle bag

1. Material
The property of the material determines the durability for a motorcycle bag. Picture this: you're cruising down a winding mountain road, the wind in your hair, and suddenly, your bag decides it's had enough and bursts open. Not an ideal scenario, right? When it comes to motorcycle bags, durability is non-negotiable. Look for bags made from robust materials like ballistic nylon or reinforced polyester or leather to ensure they can handle the inevitable bumps and jolts of the road.

2. Size Matters, But So Does the Shape of the bag
Think about your needs before succumbing to the allure of a gigantic bag that could probably fit a small car. Motorcycle bags come in various shapes and sizes, and it's crucial to match the bag's dimensions with your storage requirements. A sleek and classy-looking saddlebag with ample space to offer might be perfect for a short day trip, while a more substantial tank bag could be just what you need for a cross-country adventure.

3. Weather Resistance: Don't Let Rain Dampen Your Spirits
Mother Nature doesn't always play nice, and that's why your motorcycle bag needs to be weather-resistant. Imagine getting caught in a sudden downpour, only to find your important documents soaked. No thanks! Seek-out bags equipped with weather-resistant features like rain covers or waterproof zippers. Your belongings will thank you.

4. Accessibility – Because Time is of the Essence
Ever fumbled around trying to grab something from your bag while balancing on one leg at a stoplight? Not the safest move. Opt for a bag with easy accessibility features, like quick-release buckles or magnetic closures. You want to reach your essentials without turning your motorcycle into a juggling act.

5. Security – Keep Sticky Fingers at Bay
On the road, your motorcycle bag becomes your mobile storage unit. Make sure it's secure. Look for bags with lockable zippers or even a locking mechanism for the mounting system. This way, you can park your bike with peace of mind, knowing your belongings are safe from prying hands.

6. Reflective Features – Safety First
Safety isn't just about helmets and riding gear; it extends to your accessories too. Opt for a bag with reflective elements or panels, especially if you often find yourself on the road after dark. Increased visibility can make a significant difference in the safety of your ride.

7. Style – Because Your Bike Deserves the Best
Let's not forget the aesthetics. Your motorcycle bag is not just a practical accessory; it's a style statement. Choose a bag that complements the look of your bike. Whether it's the classic leather saddlebags for a cruiser or a sleek, modern tail bag for a sportbike, find a style that resonates with your motorcycle persona.

8. Versatility – One Bag, Many Roles
The best motorcycle bags are versatile, adapting to different situations seamlessly. Consider a bag that can transform from a compact daypack to an expanded touring bag. Versatility ensures you're ready for any kind of ride, from a quick weekend escape to an extended road trip.

9. Mounting Options – Where and How?
Motorcycle bags come with different mounting options, and the right one for you depends on your bike and personal preference. Some bags mount to the tank, others to the rear seat, and there are those designed for specific bike models. Consider how and where you want to attach your bag – it can impact your comfort and the bag's stability during your ride.

10. Price vs. Quality – Finding the Sweet Spot
In the world of motorcycle bags, you get what you pay for. While budget-friendly options are tempting, investing in a high-quality bag ensures longevity and reliability. Strike a balance between price and quality, and remember, it's an investment in the safety and convenience of your rides.

In recent years, Nicecnc has also invested in the research and development of motorcycle bags on the basis of its deep cultivation of motorcycle accessories. Here is an introduction to some related things about nicecnc bags.

What make nicecnc motorcycle bags so different?

  • Exclusive design, diverse styles: Each Nicecnc bag is designed by a senior designer, who is good at using various elements to match, changing the monotonous, mainly black appearance design on the market. Nicecnc's products have various styles, including simple and elegant, retro and classic, fashionable and cool, etc.
  • Selection of high-quality fabrics: Nicecnc is good at discovering various new high-quality fabrics and boldly using them. The quality of its products far exceeds those of competing products.
  • Focus on function and experience: Nicecnc focuses on user experience and is committed to providing various multi-functional products for motorcycle enthusiasts. Meet diverse needs while driving.

Nicecnc motorcycle bags can be divided into three categories: Universal motorcycle bags, Universal UTVs storage bags, and special bags for special motorcycles.

Universal motorcycle bags includes: Handlebar Bag / Fork BagTank BagSaddle Bags, Tail Bag/ Back seat BagHelmet BagFender Bag, Crash Bar Bag

Universal UTVs storage bags includes: Drive Belt Bag, Roll Bar Bag

Special bags for special motorcycles: 

Side/Lower/Rear Door Bags | Center Seat/Roof/Overhead storage bags for Polaris RZR XP 1000

Side Door bag / Center Seat Bags for Polaris RZR PRO XP

Side/Lower Door Bag, Center Seat/Roof/Overhead storage bags/Underseat Bag for Can AM Maverick X3

Fairing Side Bags, Frame Side Bags, Rear Frame Bag, Crash Bar Bags, Tail Bag, Top Bag / Top Box Panniers Bag, Pannier Liner Bags for BMW R1200GS / R1250GS

Saddlebag Liners Bags / Swingarm Bag / Windshield Bag for Harley

Crash Bar Bags for Yamaha Tenere 700

Fender Bag For Yamaha Raptor 700

Fender Bag For Yamaha YFZ450

Commonly used materials:

  • PU Synthetic Leather
  • Oxford Cloth
  • Canvas
  • TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
  • PVC(Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • EVA(Ethylene-vinyl Acetate Copolymer)
  • PC(Polycarbonate)
  • Neoprene

Pros and cons of each material

Materials Pros Cons
PU Synthetic Leather
  • Wear resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Breathability
  • Weak acid&alkali resistance
  • Weak temperature-resistance
Oxford Cloth
  • Water resistance
  • Durable
  • Light and soft
  • Easy to clean
  • Weak breathability
  • Average sun protection
  • Weak elasticity
  • Durable
  • Water resistance
  • Fire & radiation protection
  • Not easy to clean
  • Easy to dye
  • Strong wear resistance
  • Good softness
  • Good elasticity
  • Strong water resistance
  • Strong chemical resistance
  • Higher production costs
  • Weak weather resistance
  • Weak oil resistance
  • Good waterproof performance
  • Strong durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Not resistant to high temperatures
  • Easy to scratch
  • Good protective properties
  • Good waterproof performance
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Strong durability
  • Safety and environmental protection
  • Good processability
  • Poor high temperature resistance
  • High strength
  • High temperature resistance
  • good transparency
  • preservative.
  • Good flame retardant properties
  • Expensive
  • Not resistant to UV rays
  • Susceptible to chemicals
  • Abrasion and weather resistance
  • Elasticity and scalability
  • Oil and chemical resistance
  • Insulation performance
  • Some people may be allergic to Neoprene


Common Features of Nicecnc Motorcycle Bags

  • Water proof
  • Scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and anti-slip
  • Large capacity, multiple compartments, multiple pockets
  • Multiple ways to use
  • Various installation methods
  • touch screen
  • Keep warm and cold
  • Styling, anti-impact, cushioning protection
  • Removable
  • Dust-proof

How to care for a motorcycle bag

Now that you've found the perfect motorcycle bag, let's talk about making sure it stands the test of time. Here are a few quick tips on caring for your two-wheeled sidekick:

Cleaning and Maintenance
Regularly clean your motorcycle bag with a mild detergent and water solution. Avoid harsh chemicals, as they can damage the material and compromise its durability. Check for any wear and tear, and address it promptly to prevent further damage.

Storage Matters
When not in use, store your motorcycle bag in a cool, dry place. Avoid leaving it exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods, as UV rays can cause fading and deterioration of the material. Proper storage helps maintain the bag's shape and integrity.

Extend the life of your motorcycle bag by applying a waterproofing spray or wax. This extra layer of protection helps repel water and keeps your belongings safe from unexpected rain showers.

Inspect Mounting Hardware
Regularly inspect the mounting hardware and straps to ensure they are secure and free from damage. Loose straps can be a safety hazard, and damaged hardware might compromise the stability of the bag on your bike.

Mind the Weight Limit
Every motorcycle bag has a weight limit, and exceeding it can lead to damage. Be mindful of the recommended load capacity and avoid overloading your bag, especially if you're prone to packing more than you need.

By paying attention to these details, you not only prolong the lifespan of your motorcycle bag but also ensure a safer and more enjoyable riding experience. Happy trails!

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