Some Must Have Parts For Honda XR650L

Some Must Have Parts For Honda XR650L

Find the best dirt bike parts for Honda Xr650l at Nicecnc.
We provide parts for all riding styles which will give high performance to your bike. Bike protection is needed, and our parts will give you these demands. Here are some must have parts for your honda klr650l.

XR650L Skid Plate

All enduro and adventure dirt bikes need a skid plate, once you ignore this, your engine bottom will be damaged when your bike gets hit while riding.
Though the XR650L is very high off the ground, it still will be knocked against rocks or other sharp objects. So Nicecnc XR650L Skid Plate is needed, It’s made from 4MM thickened aircraft-grade 5052 billet aluminum and provides all-around protection in critical attack areas of your engine bottom against any solid objects on your adventure.

XR650L Footpegs

The factory footpegs aren’t wide enough for your boot and it is easy for your foot to slip off the peg. And this will hurt your legs if you ride for a long trip.
Our xr650l foot pegs are serrated surfaces and provide a strong grip that effectively prevents slipping from the pedal in wet conditions.
Besides, the enlarged pedal fits your feet for great comfort, and reduces foot fatigue in long-time riding or standing up.

XR650L Oil Cooler 

As we all know that the cylinder head and especially the exhaust valve seat are easily affected by the high heat, which may cause damage to your engine. To avoid this problem, we highly recommend installing this xr650l oil cooler on your bike to improve your engine performance.

XR650L Engine Clutch Cover

Keep your engine cases safe with this clutch cover! The kit is made from premium aircraft-grade billet aluminum, with great lightness and high hardness. The half-covered design without compromising heat dissipation. Protect your clutch from damage by a broken brake pedal in the event of a fall.


XR650L Clutch Lever

The clutch enables us to use the gears to change the speed of the motorcycle by temporarily cutting power to the back wheel.
In our test, the stock is 8.25 kg. With our clutch lever, it has been cut down to 5.96KG, a 28% reduction in actuation force, which means less fatigue during high-intensity race conditions. The widened lever distributes the contact pressure on your fingers reducing load concentrations that induce blistering.

XR650L Chain Guide Strengthener

The chain plays a very important role, using the chain guard can reduce the damage to the chain.
Nicecnc xr650l chain guide is made from 5MM/0.2'' thickened billet aluminum for the great strength and hardness needed to protect your nylon chain guide. Defend it from stones, rocks, gravel, or any other solid objects on the trail.

XR650L Fork Brace Stabilizer

Reduce unnecessary wobbles and prevent fork flex on uneven terrain by fixing two forks together with this brace. Increase fork rigidity and bring you an unparalleled riding experience. Improve tire lifespan and reduce tire cupping.


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Ivan Kanefsky

Ivan Kanefsky

Can you use the front slider bar with the skid plate?

Can you use the front slider bar with the skid plate?

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