Motorcycle Parts You Must Have for Beta 300 RR 2022

Motorcycle Parts You Must Have for Beta 300 RR 2022

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Best Motorcycle Parts for Beta 300 RR 2022

Pictures From Italy Customer:@nimok_30

Beta RR 300 2022 from @nimok_30
The sharp teeth of foot pegs are made from hardened steel, it is removable and replaceable and provides strong grip on your boots.  Besides, they make you attractive in the motocross and shiny on the road.
The foot pedal tips with extended surface ensures safer braking, and the serrated surface can prevent slipping from the brake lever in wet.
foot pedal
The linkage guard is a new concept in protection guards for the shock clevis and shock linkage from rock damage, it enables the bike to glide over logs and boulders. If without the Link Guard the shock clevis will catch on logs and stop the bike or throw the rider forward. Because the clevis and linkage extend well below the swingarm it is very susceptible to expensive damage.
It will protects clutch slave cylinder from damage and adds some bling of your motorcycle. 
The swingarm guard prevents chain guide tabs from becoming damaged during the contact with rocks, roots and other trail debris.
It is wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, and will give your bikes an edgy look.
The Clevis is CNC-machined from Billet Aluminum, can provide better brake pedal feel.
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