10 Best ATV / UTV Trails in the United State

10 Best ATV / UTV Trails in the United State

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Spring and summer are undoubtedly the best seasons to get out into the wilderness for UTV / ATV adventures, and we've picked 10 of the most popular off-road trails to travel and ride in the U.S. You can choose based on your riding experience level, budget, and your preference for terrain to enjoy the perfect riding season.


Required Documents for Your ATV/UTV Trail Adventure

Before embarking on your ATV/UTV trail adventure, don’t forget to get necessary documents to legally ride on designated off-road trails. This usually includes an Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) license and ORV trail permit. These permits have big roles in supporting the maintenance of the trails, ensure the riders’ safety and the preservation of the natural environment.


Top 10 Recommended ATV/UTV Trails

Spider Lake OHV Area
Location: 24th St SW, Pine River, Minnesota
Size: Varies
Style: Forested trails, mud
Machines: ATVs, UTVs, Motorcycle,4x4,SxS
Experience Level: Intermediate
Open Date: Year-round (except during spring thaw and deer hunting season)
Cost: Varies by season


Nestled in the heart of Minnesota, this is another example of the incredibly diverse terrain and beautiful landscapes you can find in MN. There are 29 miles of ATV trails here, and it’s a fantastic option for riders who want to increase their skills and test themselves without so much challenge that it’s dangerous for intermediate riders.

Whether you love rocky trails, sand, dirt and mud, water crossings, or steep hills and turns, Spider Lake has it,  It’s definately a fun trip for anyone who has enough experience to handle basically every terrain type you can expect on an ATV.  You’ll probably want to bring a winch.

The Spider Lake OHV Area offers convenient traffic access for riders looking to explore its diverse off-road trails. With designated parking areas and staging areas available, and well-maintained access points and clear signage to guide visitors. Additionally, Spider Lake is located near the city of Pine River, making it a convenient destination for off-road enthusiasts looking to embark on an adventure in this scenic area. With its proximity to Pine River, riders have access to amenities, accommodations, and services within a short distance of the Spider Lake OHV Area.


Wolf Pen Gap Trail 
Location: Ark. 375 Mena, AR 71953,Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas
Size: 42 miles
Style: Mountainous terrain, rocky paths
Machines: ATVs, UTVs
Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Cost: Free


Venture into the rugged beauty of the Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas on the Wolf Pen Gap Trail. It has three trailheads, this trail offers challenging mountainous terrain and rocky paths for intermediate to advanced riders with stunning views and adrenaline-pumping...

Featuring high mountain vistas, the trail leads the rider through an array of areas, including scenic Gap Creek and Board Camp Creek. The trail continues through a forest of large pines

and hardwoods before passing the unique 2-footed oak tree and an abandoned mine shaft. The trail loops are connected to accommodate riders who want to vary the length of their trips.

Additionally, the Wolf Pen Gap Trail provides convenient traffic access with designated parking areas and clear signage to guide visitors. It is located near the city of Mena, Arkansas, providing easy access to amenities and services for riders looking to explore this captivating trail.


③Black River Falls
Location: 120 N. Water St. Black River Falls, Wisconsin
Size: 100 miles
Style: Sandy and rocky terrain
Machines: ATVs, UTVs
Experience Level: Easy to Intermediate
Open Date: May 15 – Oct 15 (ATVs & UTVs) and Dec 15 – Mar 15 (ATVs ONLY – UTVs are not allowed on the trail system in winter) 
Cost: $35

There are many places to ride all-terrain vehicles in the Upper Midwest but the center of the ATV/UTV universe is the Black River Falls area. It has been voted the Best Place to go Four Wheeling by the La Crosse Tribune.

The trails take you through rolling landscapes and over pristine streams with natural beauty truly unique in the Midwest. Riders coming to the Black River Falls area will find 335,000 acres of public forest, municipal ordinances favorable to motorized trail riding, and hundreds of miles of designated trails. The rolling terrain, wide trails and towering trees will definately make you feel like you’re miles from civilization. Eight access points give you plenty of trailhead choices. Four trailheads are just off I-94, making them popular with day-trippers. But no matter where you start, the scenic beauty of the trails that roll through Jackson County and the Black River State Forest will dazzle you. And you’ll encounter sandy and rocky terrain that provides plenty of fun.


④Hatfield-McCoy Trail System
Location: 28 Big Pinnacle Branch Road,Julian,West Virginia
Size:  Over 700+ miles
Style: Forest,Rocks,Trees,Steep hills
Machines: ATVs, UTVs
Experience Level: Easy to Intermediate
Open Date: Open for business 365 days a year
Cost:  $26.50 for WV residents and $50 for non-residentsknown as Trails Heaven


Spanning over 700 miles of scenic trails, riders of all levels are invited to explore the diverse terrain that showcases the stunning landscapes of West Virginia. From lush forests and rolling hills to rugged mountain passes, every turn offers a new and breathtaking vista.

The Hatfield-McCoy Trail System is truly a work of art in every respect from how it is laid out, constructed, maintained, marked, and managed. The entire trail system winds its way through the mountains, with plenty of elevation changes, hill climbs and declines, twists, turns, scenic overlooks, rocks, and streams, with much of it being under the trees making you feel like you have entered another world. The trails are mostly hard pack dirt with rocks, but there are low lying areas where there are mud holes. No matter what your riding/driving skill level, there are trails to scratch your riding itch. Every trail is labeled with markers noting the trail number on them, and combined with the trail map keep you from getting lost. Many of the trail systems off the trailheads have direct access to a nearby ATV/UTV friendly town, where you can buy something to eat and get supplies, and stay for the night.


⑤Windrock Park
Location: 599 Windrock Park Ln, Oliver Springs, Tennessee
Size: 300 miles
Style: Forest,trees,shade,rocks
Machines: ATVs, SxSs, dirt bikes,4x4s
Experience Level: Easy to Intermediate
Open Date: Open for business 365 days a year
Cost:  $26.50 for WV residents and $50 for non-residents


Windrock Park stands out as a premier destination for off-road enthusiasts with its unique and challenging trails that cater to riders of all skill levels especially intermediate riders.

What sets Windrock Park apart from other off-road destinations is not just the sheer size of the park but also the diversity of its terrain. The trails at Windrock Park are carefully curated to provide a dynamic and varied riding experience, ensuring that riders are constantly engaged and enthralled by the ever-changing landscape. Whether you're craving a pulse-pounding adventure through dense forests, a technical challenge over jagged rock formations, or a scenic ride along breathtaking overlooks, Windrock Park offers it all.


⑥Drummond Island
Location: 33698 E Stoney Creek Rd, Drummond, Michigan
Size: Over 60 miles of ATV trails and 40 miles of ORV routes
Machines: ATVs, UTVs
Experience Level: Advanced
Open Date: Open year-round (However trails are not plowed or groomed in the winter)
Cost:  $20 - $35

Michigan's Largest Closed-loop Trail System. Unique ferry access and "rock crawling".

It's Michigan's Largest Closed-loop Trail System. The off road vehicle (ORV) trails on Drummond are some of the most scenic and rugged in Michigan. With over 60 miles of ATV trails and 40 miles of ORV routes there’s a lot to explore! The island offers a paradise not only in terms of trail miles, but also for its wide variety of routes, geared for advanced riders . You’ll find some of Michigan’s most scenic and rugged routes here—dense hardwood forests, wide-open, wildflower-strewn meadows and steep, rocky ridges that promise riders a Pure Michigan adrenaline rush.


Bulldog Canyon OHV Area
Location: Cactus Road,Mesa,Arizona
Size: 20 miles
Style: Rocks,hard pack,loose dirt,water crossings
Machines: ATV,UTV,SXS
Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Open Date: Open year-round
Cost: $6

Primarily a 4x4 playground, this area has numerous rocky desert trails with some great scenery. The south staging area has a really fun play pit with numerous trails and it comprises the most interesting terrain for ATVs and UTVs.

Most of the motorized routes are simply 4x4 roads but the scenery is great here. ATV riders will probably have more fun than motorcyclists, primarily because one route is extremely chunky, and the other is relatively smooth and unchallenging.


Imperial Sand Dunes (A.K.A. GLAMIS)
Location: 4500 Gecko Rd, Brawley, California
Size: 40 miles
Style: Sand dunes, desert landscape
Machines: ATV,UTV,SXS
Experience Level: Easy to Intermediate
Open Date: Oct 1st-Apr 15th
Cost: $35-$150

Affectionately known as Glamis Dunes, Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area is a epic destination, where thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts alike gather for an unparalleled dune riding experience.

Unlike typical off-road settings, where riders navigate through forests, mountains, or rocky terrain, the dunes of Glamis offer a completely different experience that tests riders' skills and endurance in a whole new way. The towering sand dunes of Glamis Dunes serve as a natural playground for riders of all levels, from beginners looking to hone their skills to seasoned veterans seeking new challenges. With trails that wind through undulating dunes and sandy expanses as far as the eye can see, Imperial Sand Dunes provides a thrilling and dynamic backdrop for off-road adventures unlike any other.


⑨Poison Spider Mesa
Location: Southwest of Moab, Utah
Size: 10 miles
Style: Sand,rocks
Machines: ATVs, UTVs,SXSs
Experience Level: Advanced
Open Date: Year Round
Cost: Free

Moab epitomizes the spirit of adventure and natural beauty of the American Southwest, inviting riders to push their boundaries and immerse themselves in the stunning scenery that surrounds them. From the challenging slickrock trails to the expansive red rock landscapes that stretch endlessly before you, Moab promises an off-road escapade that will leave you awestruck and yearning for more.

One of the most popular trail of Moab is the Poison Spider Mesa,this trail is about 10 miles long and mainly consists of NAvajo Sandstone with some sandy and rocky sections,the trail is open to all vehicle types but is geared toward the more experienced riders dut to steep climbs and steep and sharp switchbacks.


Jawbone Canyon
Location: Jawbone Cayon Road,Cantil,California
Size: 100 miles
Style: Sand,dust,rocks,steep hills
Machines: ATV,UTV,SXS,Motorcycles
Experience Level: Advanced
Open Date: Year Round
Cost: Free

Littered with steep and challenging hill climbs, this trail require a big four-stroke to make it to the top consistently. The valley floor has some deep sandy washes and trails that form long loops but the most interesting routes require a few good hill climbs.

When it comes to exploring Jawbone Canyon, the best season to visit this off-road gem is typically during the fall and spring months when the weather is mild and pleasant, making for ideal riding conditions.

The area is accessible by both vehicle and trailer, with designated parking areas and staging areas available for riders to unload their ATVs or UTVs. Additionally, the surrounding roads and highways provide convenient access to Jawbone Canyon, making it easily reachable for off-road enthusiasts looking to embark on an adventure in this captivating desert terrain.



Travel and Safety Advice for ATV/UTV Riders

Before hitting the trails, it is important to familiarize yourself with local ATV/UTV driving laws and regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Additionally, checking road conditions, carrying necessary equipment such as a first aid kit, tools, and spare parts. And you'd better equip your 4-wheel quad with upgrade and more sturdy parts that enable a more safer and comfortable trip,such as RZR rear window shield, Can-Am X3 Gas Pedal Extender, X3 AluminumCoolant Tank... (More ATV/UTV parts here)

Furthermore, respecting other riders is a must for a successful ATV/UTV adventure. Remember to always ride responsibly and leave no trace to preserve the beauty of these iconic trails for future generations. Happy trails!

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